Ikonia Homes services for you

We collaborate with Ikonia Homes, providing comprehensive services to our clients. From legal services to interior design, we ensure that the purchase of your home becomes a pleasant experience. Our legal services guide the purchasing process, ensuring professionalism and legality.

Our interior design team personalizes your property according to your tastes and needs. We prioritize safety and offer alarm and insurance services for the peace of mind of the owners. If you wish to rent out your property, our rental services will find the right tenant and manage the process.

We offer maintenance and renovation services to keep your property in excellent condition. We also provide domestic services such as cleaning and childcare. For advice, our counseling service is available to assist you with any matter.


Buy your home with total peace of mind and risk-free. We advise you and manage all your legal procedures. From rental contracts to claims against developers or construction companies.

Interior Design Services

We help you find the right financing that best suits your needs so that you can buy your home under the best conditions available on the market today.

Alarms and Insurance

The security and peace of mind of your loved ones is the most important thing. We take care of the contracting and installation of security systems for your home without you having to worry about anything.


Buy your property as an investment and rent it on a permanent, seasonal or tourist basis. We provide a rental management service to obtain the highest profitability with the least amount of effort.

Maintenance and Renovation

If your new home isn't quite the way you want it, we'll take care of your renovation needs. We provide home repairs, maintenance, cleaning, and gardening services.


Quality service for our clients without worrying about the selection and recruitment process. Domestic helpers, primary cleaning services or after work, laundry, and cooking.


Discover the benefits of a personalised childcare service. With the Ikonia guarantee you'll find the ideal childcare and babysitting service for your little ones.


Professional concierge service with experience in administration, maintenance, correspondence management, facilities inspection, surveillance, and access control.

Buy and personalise your home from
the comfort of your own home

With Ikonia Homes, you can now monitor the entire buying, construction, and after-sales process of your home from anywhere and at any time through your own Client Area, where you can access everything related to your new home.